PVMaster - PV System Performance Evaluation Specialist
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Why do you need this

In Australia, over 1.4 million PV systems have been installed since 2001 with an averaged monthly installing rate of 8353 (data: APVI). Investigation from 8000 solar PV systems shown that approximately 51.8% are performing under estimation (data: Ausgrid). Problems like aging, shading and corrosion will affect the performance of your solar system.


How It works?

You just need 3 simple steps to get a detailed report and maintenance suggestions from us.

1. Submit PV Generation

Pick a day that you will use the least electric appliance at home. Read the meter twice, at the morning and at the evening. Fill the forms on PVMaster of system details and meter readings.

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2. Professional Analysis

We will use your submitted parameters to build a model of your PV system. Based on the weather data of that day, we will simulate the kWh output of your PV system and compare it with actual data.

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2. Maintenance Advices

If your PV system is not working as expected. We will try to analyze your PV system and offer possible causes. With your permission, we can refer you to one of our service partners.

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What we offer?

Based on your submitted actual generation and our simulations, we will provide you with a detailed report and maintenance suggestions.

Customized Report

Based on your submitted data and our analysis, we will provide a customised report to you regarding how well is your solar PV system working. With our unique modelling method, the performance ratio of your PV system can be accurately calculated to show how well your system works compared with estimation. If the data provided are detailed enough, a further debug of the potential problems affecting your PV system will be provided.

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Follow-on Maintenance

Your system is not working properly?Don’t worry. We can help you to find a service provider in your local region. They can help you with troubleshooting and give appropriate solutions, like clean, repair or replacement. We can also help you to compare their quote with how much money you can save from the improvement of your PV system. If you are an installer or solar system maintenance provider, please contact us for further information on cooperation.

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